Harlos Productions & Cortile-Theater im Hof
is proud to announce the Australian Premiere of

Oscar and the Lady in Pink

By Eric Emmanuel Schmitt
Translation by Stephane Laporte

With Gertraud Ingeborg
Directed by David Ritchie
Design and Lighting by Tony Youlden

Oscar and the Lady in Pink is based on the recent bestselling French novel by
Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. It has been playing throughout Europe to packed houses for
the last few years.

It is based around a series of letters to God, written from hospital by a ten-year old boy, Oscar, suffering from serious illness. In addition, he has a troubled relationship with his parents, and with senior medical staff. They are not able to handle his condition emotionally and imaginatively or with sensitivity.

The letters are written at the suggestion of 'Mama-Rose' one of the 'ladies in pink' who visit sick children in the hospital. A deep, tender and humorous relationship develops between Oscar and Mama-Rose: she's tough-minded, inventive and resourceful. She tells Oscar wonderful stories which give him the courage to face his predicament, and to live fully in each moment. She also facilitates a reconciliation between Oscar and his parents through humour, character and tact. This even goes so far as to include the Dr. Dusseldorf,
the doctor in charge.

A deeply engaging story which even includes romance, will entertain you, make you cry and make you laugh. It will also lead you an understanding of a situation which most of us find difficult to confront.

Oscar and the Lady in Pink is not to be missed. By people of all ages, all professions and all circumstances. Gertraud Ingeborg has played the role of Mama Rose with great success in Bolzano, Italy and toured the Northern region of Italy in 2006 and 2007.

Season Details:
Venue: Newtown Theatre, Cnr. King & Bray Street, St Peters
Dates: Dec 10 – 23, Previews: Dec 8 & 9,
Time: Tue – Sat at 8pm, Sun at 5pm
Tickets: Full $ 28, Concession $ 22, Cheap Tuesdays $15
Bookings: 8019 0294 or


Girl Called Red

A Girl Called Red

"A play for kids who like to stray off the path!"

Written by Katie Pollock
With songs by Rhys Muldoon
Directed by Uma Kali Shakti

What happens when you're a girl who likes blue not red, wears pants instead of dresses and prefers climbing trees to dressing dolls? You take the path through the woods to Gran's house, of course. Because you don't need to be afraid of wolves … do you?

This fresh and fun version of the classic Little Red Riding Hood fairytale transports us to a world where possums walk the walk and birds talk the talk, but it's sometimes hard for a kid to know where they fit in. Can little Red have fun away from the path and still make it to Gran's house before the wolf?

This funny new play will appeal to kids and adults who like their fairytales without the added sugar. It's an entertaining holiday adventure with rockin' songs and a modern twist that will keep you talking all the way home. Appropriate for ages 4 to 10.

A Girl Called Red is brought to you by writer Katie Pollock (ABC Radio, Brand Spanking New, The Street Theatre), songwriter Rhys Muldoon (Play School), director Uma Kali Shakti (New Theatre, Short+Sweet, Imagine Festival) and creative producer Mariana Soares. Featuring cast members: Sheree Atkins, Helen Perris, Justine Scali and
Merran Winchester as Red.

Newtown Theatre
9-24 December 2010
(Dec 9-10 @ 2pm; Dec 11-12, 16-19, 22-24 @ 11am & 2pm)

Tickets $12 + bkg fee
$10 per ticket for groups of ten or more
Bookings 8507 3034 or
Newtown Theatre, cnr King & Bray streets, Newtown



Devised by the company

If a problem is 'solved' then there is release and closure: there is an answer.

Therefore if something is unsolved there is no closure, no release and no answer. In unsolved we hope to explore this feeling or state of 'unsolvedness': where there is no definite answer or resolution.

We have chosen three different worlds in which to undertake this exploration: the nightclub, the camp fire and the suburban home. In these three worlds we will examine unsolved love, the unsolved supernatural and unsolved crime respectively.

As with all theatre the ultimate aim is entertainment. We are storytellers and there is great joy in entertaining, moving, challenging and provoking thought in our audience. We do not want to elicit just one response in an audience member, but a whole range of emotions. Unsolved is not a comedy and it is not a “no laughs” tragedy- it reflects the complexity of life. We hope to make you think about the issues in your own lives that are unsolved and to empathise with those on stage. We want to take you on a journey both metaphorically and literally (with their imaginations and with their bodies in space).

$28 Full $22 Concession. ($15 Tues available at the door).





It is said…
Victor Martinez is one of the greatest Avant Garde guitarists ever?
Victor, Andro and Dauno are father and sons. Victor, an extremely
accomplished composer, teacher and leader in his field, leads the
Martinez family.
Born in Chile they all play six string acoustic and electric guitar,
bass and also use their instruments as percussion and vocal beat box.
One minute they play in unison, the next in harmony, then across and
against each other, it is calm then chaotic, beautiful then forceful.
It is difficult to fully describe them until you?ve heard them. The
interplay and understanding that flows through them is inspiring,
endearing and infectious.

They truly captivate their audience as they stretch each other?s
ability with a flourish here and an astonishing variation there.
Anyone! Or anyone who plays a guitar, anyone who aspires to playing
guitar, anyone who enjoys listening to guitar must see these
incredible players.

Martinez has been performing professionally since 1997 since then they
have played a large number of venues around the country.

Sunday October 24 7pm
$30 + bf




Written and Performed By Christopher Sellers

The frank and funny confessions of a Barista. This witty one-man show explores the Australian religion that is coffee. But what does it mean when manners are expendable and customers demand quicker, cheaper, light soy decaf?!

Critically acclaimed & fresh from the Sydney Fringe, actor/writer & your Barista Christopher Sellers serves up a dose of humanity with the best espresso in town!

Directed by Adrian Barnes with original music by Pat Wilson.

Fresh From the Sydney Fringe, Coffee runs 3 Nov – 13 Nov. All tix $18


Raffle prizes for Kids shows kindly donated by Walkers Books


Show 1


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Follow the surprising journey of a magic hat as it flies through your imagination changing dullardry into delight. See Mem Fox’s lyrical text told and retold through shadow puppetry, song, rhythm and movement by three blundering wizards. You have to believe it to see it as the stage action transforms into a cacophony of unruly animals, tamed only by the gentle voice of your child’s own magic wand.

Ages 3-7

I loved your show so much and I had the best time ever love Matilda!!! (age 7)
They are a funny group of adults and I respect them a lot (age 9)
IT ROCKS! (age 7)

Drop Bear Theatre on the World Wide Web
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Show 2


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Sth Korea, Sth America, Singapore, China, now Sydney. 'Caterpillars Can Fly' a pantomime in English and Vietnamese.

Stretch Mk1′s surreal puppetry, catchy songs, dance and audience participation. A little girl dreams the world could be as beautiful and serene as a butterfly. The 'Chunkie Bits', the outrageous Mr ‘C’ for Caterpillar describe the life & dangers of being a butterfly.

“I was surprised. The subtext encapsulated the feelings of the people of South Korea in our time of turmoil and change, in such a joyous and beautiful manner. Thank you.” Kim Young Seo, Mayor of Suwon City – Artistic Director 13th Suwon Hwaseong Fortress Theatre Festival

“Like kinetic putty with flexible limbs, a big heart and a mind bursting with fresh and innovative ideas… a touch that can lighten even the most jaded and stressed viewer.” Gulf News – Dubai UAE

Australian premiere

Website: Caterpillars Can Fly
Videos: Caterpillars Can Fly

Show 3


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Home-made musical instruments, magical trash, juggling, songs, tap-dancing, music and mayhem! Magic Mic creates loads fun from piles of junk! This show introduces children to ideas of composting, saving water and electricity, separating rubbish, recycling and looking after our beautiful world. There’s plenty of jokes, silliness and audience participation along the way. It’s gob-smackingly entertaining rubbish!

"Mic Conway is a very, very talented man. He should be elected as one of Australia's living national treasures." : Bill Riner, ABC Radio.
"The king of vaudeville in Australia today." : Lucky Oceans, ABC Radio National.
"He was green before green became fashionable: even his music, clothes and instruments are recycled!" : Jodi Adams, co-founder Greenpeace Australia.

Mic’s website


Foyer Show

PESCIOLINO (little fish)

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When Susan complains to her grandma (nonna) about being teased at school, nonna tells her to be brave and strong like her special little fish (Pesciolino) His amazing adventure with an unfriendly shark (Signor Squalo) a gentle whale (Signora Balena) a magic mermaid (La Sirena magica) and a little Italian boy called Pinocchio, is sure to captivate the whole family!
(From The Surrey Children’s Festival, Vancouver 2008)

“This production has a lot of heart and a strong message for the kids.
A truly wonderful theatre experience”

“What a fantastic show. The acting was terrific, the shadow puppets
were wonderful and we loved learning some Italian along the way.
I and can’t stop singing pesciolino’s song.
I recommend this show to everyone”

(From The Maillard Arts Festival, Vancouver 2008)
“Bravo Pesciolino! This Italian story is a winner. We just loved it”
Recommended for ages 3-9
Australian premiere




Main Theatre Shows

Show 1

Harlos Productons & The Sydney Fringe present

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ADAM and BEATRICE have been bruised by their separate marriages and love affairs, and have agreed to spend time together – a kind of love experiment. In winter she is catatonic. By the spring his caring has thawed her frozen feelings. When summer comes they are in love, and BEATRICE begs ADAM to come away and begin a new life together in the real world. He hesitates. They linger till Autumn….

Starring Gertraud Ingeborg(A streetcar named desire) and David Ritchie
Directed by Tanya Denny (Queensize Productions)
Designed by Jo Lewis (Queensize Productions)

Australian premiere
Harlos Productions Pty Ltd
Newtown Theatre

Show 2

Thomson Street & The Sydney Fringe present

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Oprah hits a high note, Nigella prepares the perfect the cup of tea and Beyonce is…well… fierce in this excruciatingly beautiful and surprisingly funny exploration into the aftermath of dead babies, dead husbands, dead dreams.

Performer Lena Cruz, best known for her role of Cynthia in Priscilla Queen of the Desert – The Musical, traverses this difficult territory with grace and guts and discovers that in the face of birth and death there is in fact new life.
Performed by Lena Cruz

Written and directed by Lisa Freshwater
Musical Director Nigel Ubrihien
Produced by Alistair Thomson

Show 3


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Zoe and Penny

The Very Short Attention Span.

Be warned, this condition is contagious. Symptoms include: head-butting walls, talking to strangers and an irrational fear of dullness.

Join Zoe and Penny in an evening of sketch comedy. If boredom is getting you down, don’t delay. Put some underpants on and stand up for your right to party.
Zoe and Penny – massive in North Korea.
World Premiere

Very Short Attention Span
Penelope Greenhalgh
Zoe Kelly

Show 4


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Seven characters are catapulted into a mysterious world to confront their destiny. Seemingly waking from a dream, the group of women are challenged by the caretaker of a black room with no doors to complete a task that will change their lives forever.

As each character reveals various aspects of her past and tries to uncover her reason for being there, it becomes apparent that there is more to the caretaker and the room than first meets the eye. The women also discover that each of them has a past and view of the world that is vastly different from the other.

The play's themes are both universal and timeless – the treatment of women throughout the ages; fate vs. self-determination; the possibility of life after death; and the evolution of western society.


A faultless performance from this enthusiastic group from Sydney. Strong acting based on an improvised theme is combined with wit, satire and a sensitive portrayal of strong emotion. If you see nothing else at this venue see this. Its a gem from down under a truly innovative and thought provoking look at life from the other side".
Reviewed by: Gabrielle Angel – Quaker Meeting House

This Mortal Coil’ is a thought-provoking tale of seven different women from different decades and places who find themselves in a room with no exit. Their discussion of how the world differs between the times the women come from causes many amusing moments…a pleasure to watch, alongside the mature acting skills of these promising young actresses. Reviewed by: Jessica Pinkett – Three Weeks

"This Mortal Coil is a dense, multi-faceted play, tackling the profoundest subjects available to drama: mortality, faith, history, society…it's a daringly experimental piece best suited to those with a serious interest in contemporary theatre. A thought-provoking drama with some fine performances by this group of up-and-comers"
Reviewed by: Iain

Australian premiere
Sydney Theatre School

Show 5


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Drawing on the vaudeville variety shows of old, Vari-a-tease! is a mixed bag of variety allsorts. Featuring Missy (SYD), Danica Lee (SYD), Mr Gorski (ADL), Kitty Van Horne (SYD), Poppy T (SYD), Liam Power (SYD), Lauren La Rouge (SYD) and special guests each night!
Vari-a-tease! has something for everyone – traditional and ‘neo-burlesque’, pole dancing, cabaret and good old fashioned vaudeville entertainment.

Vari-a-tease! on Facebook
Vari-a-tease! on Twitter

Show 6


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A whimsical yet energetic tale of two fisherwomen who journey from their seaside village to arid desert. An enticingly poetic venture into the unknown with unique physicality &; magical deftness of touch.

“Every direction all the way to the horizon was earth and from the edge of the earth all the way to other edge was sky, no people, just this great expanse of space and time.”
“Balancing not only their bodies, but their spirit, beckoning us to enter their transformative world of existential longing. An exquisite piece of work that will linger in your mind for a long time” Margi Brown Ash, 4change

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Foyer Theatre Shows



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"It's Time to Sparkle Darlings" is a fusion of cabaret and comedy; of old Vegas show tunes and an old washed-up singer. Following the story of the worldly-wise and weary Gigi Fontaine (singer, smoker, glamour-puss, raconteuse extraordinaire), this show takes you through the detritus of a diva's life and offers laughter, tears and a evening of dazzling songs and whiskey.

Listen with delight and disgust as Gigi regales you with tales of her life, and sings the fabulous songs that have lit up stages from Rio to Paris and everywhere between. Marvel as she downs yet another glass of gin. And maybe, just maybe, let yourself be whisked away in a cloud of glitter and cigarette smoke.

Exploding onto the stage as a part of The Sydney Fringe Festival in September, Gigi will be performing five very special shows in The Newtown Theatre Foyer. Join us for a night beyond belief…because It's Time To Sparkle Darlings!

Show Dates:
“Fabulous in its excess…” - Barbra
“Almost too fantastic… her voice is like a choir of chain smokers.” - Liza
“That hack never gave me credit for getting her billed in Vegas!” – Shirley

World Premiere

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Ms Gigi Fontaine’s Blog




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Meet Greta. It is six years down the track since her brother changed. He's dead, she's alive, and the family has allowed the poison of silence to seep between them. Inspired by Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis, Greta examines the effects of the past on the present.

From the company that brought you the successful seasons of The Nutcracker at CarriageWorks and Under Milk Wood at atyp, Free Association brings alive a new visually stimulating and captivating piece from up and coming Sydney writer George kemp.

Praise for GRETA from Fraser Corfield, Artistic Director of atyp -
“The language is very taught and beautifully poetic. … when you have Greta leave the house and enter the world, the story takes flight. The lightness in tone and the sense of adventure, both for the character and audience, was worth the wait.”

World Premiere

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Every once in a while something will come along that is so new and exciting that it’s sheer brilliance will actually knock the average person over.This is not one of those times. Sally Hackett is what you get when you put Frank Zappa, Neil Young and Joe Pass in a blender with some ice. She's a bit watered down but retains traces of the aforementioned flavours and can be somewhat refreshing. Expect to be left standing yet possibly amused by her rhyming of words like “receptacle” and “molestable” & be prepared to sing along.

“Oh yeah you’re a perv – it actually is creepy how you can casually sing about inserting genitalia in heated metal…” – Igor Zhinken, Guitarzone

“She does have a tendency to play as if she has a line of coke for breakfast and listens to splittercore before going to bed.” - Mr. Oog.


Life is impossible

$15 Cheap Tuesday tickets can only be purchased at the door

subtlenuance presents

by Paul Gilchrist

Based on the true story of one of the most controversial
women of the twentieth century.

It is 1942.
The world is at war.
But Elaine is in New York for the first time.
She’s in love with the skyline, the fashion, the musicals, and Tom.
The conflict seems so far away – until she meets Simone, a French
Jewish refugee with a terrible secret.

A tale of passion, betrayal and intrigue, Life is Impossible is the
latest work from critically acclaimed writer Paul Gilchrist, and a
return to the style of subtlenuance?s 2009 underground hit
Catherine at Avignon.

“Like Stoppard, Gilchrist is great with language – a significant achievement in writing, direction and staging, obviously a playwright worth watching” MediaCulture

“Poetic and whimsical and at times wickedly funny, the script is the real star.”
Alternative Media

“Amidst the sin and the sarcasm are startling moments of poetry, what
Catherine at Avignon does is akin to soaring.” The Brag

For more information

Sydney Fringe

For show information click on image above


Pink Revue


Newtown Theatre is kicking off The Sydney Fringe festival with its very own "Girlicious" fest launches on Sept 10 with THE PINK REVUE.

THE PINK REVUE is a night of Cabaret and Pink Champagne as well as a fundraiser to boost awareness of breast cancer research. All funds will go to The McGrath Foundation.

Your host for the evening is Ms Sophie Cook who will introduce the audience to some of the amazing stars of the Sydney Fringe Festival. GIRLICIOUS aims to provide an arena to celebrate women and art. GIRLICIOUS and The Sydney Fringe provides a showcase for works by an exciting, diverse and exceptional group of theatre makers!

Says Girlicious artistic director Tanya Denny:
"The works that have been programmed are theatrical, authentic, sexy, innovative, fearless and entertaining. By promoting a platform that explodes stereotypes with our tongue firmly pressed to our cheeks, GIRLICIOUS screams Fasten your seat belts – the girls are here!"

From the haunting love experiment of Arnold Wesker's “Four Seasons” to the Burlesque extravaganza of “Varia Tease” or the Vegas-style parody show “It's Time to Sparkle Darlings”, the magical clowning and physical theatre of “Once Under the Sky” to the enchanting shadow puppetry of the children's show “Pesciolino”…
there's something for everyone.

Get ready for two performance areas, 16 Productions and 74 shows in 16 days!
There is even a day program for children.

Girlicious Launch Event
The Pink Revue
10 September 2010 Doors open at 6pmPerformance
starts at 7.30pmCost $20. Tickets at the door
or by booking on: 9550 3666

Girlicious – an umbrella event of the Sydney Fringe -
runs in two performance spaces at Newtown Theatre
from 10-26 September.
For full schedule, booking information and more visit click here.





WITH: Melissa Armstrong, Kate Buchanan, Lynden Jones,
Sylvia Keays, Chris Lewis, Laura Turner, Gavin Williams, Dave Kirkham

The Jubilee
Written By: Anton Chekhov
Translation by: Elisaveta Fen
Directed By: Gavin Williams

The Jubilee centres on a bank manager's preparations for his bank's 50th anniversary celebration being upset by the appearance of his frivolous wife and an unexpected female visitor.

The Bear
Written By: Anton Chekhov
Translation: by Michael Frayn
Directed By: Jerome Pride

The Bear is a romantic comedy in which land owner Gregorii Smirnov comes to collect a debt owed to him by the widow Popova's late husband. They argue, duel with pistols, and fall in love. All of this is witnessed by Popova's servant Luka.

The Proposal
Written By: Anton Chekhov
Translation by: Michael Frayn
Directed By: Jerome Pride

In The Proposal, a nervous young landowner Lomov has come to propose marriage to his neighbours daughter. No sooner does he summon up the courage to ask her, they begin to argue about property rights, and their squabbling threatens to destroy their chances of a match.

Lighting Design: Larry Kelly
Costume/Set Design: Pollyanna Nowicki
Sound Design: Thom Humphrey
Publicist: Melissa Armstrong

Previews: 11 & 12 August at 8pm ($14)
13th August – 4th September 2010 ( Wed – Sat at 8pm)
$28 Full $22 Concession. (2 for 1 tickets Wed available at the door).

More Information:


The Australian premiere production back by popular demand!

Focus Theatre, in association with Newtown Theatre, presents

By Dorota Maslowska
Translated by Benjamin Paloff
Adapted by Lisa Goldman and Paul Sirett

Dzina and Parcha are the hitch-hikers from hell. She’s a pregnant,
glue-sniffing wacko. He’s an intimidating motor-mouthed hoon. But all
is not as it first seems.

This debut play from one of Poland’s hottest young literary talents
plunges into the dysfunctional chaos of a society paralysed by fear to
illuminate the dangers of being different. By turns rude, violent,
gobsmackingly funny and strangely poetic it?s Hunter S. Thompson meets
the Sex Pistols on a fast-paced road trip to the darkest reaches of
your worst nightmare.

Reviews from the first season (part of New Directions 2009 at New Theatre):
“This play is sheer, bloody brilliance … Director, Alice
Livingstone, has done a superb job in keeping the actors playing it
straight as a line, and out of this erupts the most fantastic comedy
… There are riveting performances from a superb ensemble cast … It
has been the best work I’ve seen all year.”

“A fresh, frenetic production that pulls you along the full gamut of
emotions. At times hysterically funny, at others bleak and

“Truly inspired performances … the direction is totally in sync with
Maslowska’s style”? SX News

Following the sold-out season of Bent for B Sharp during Mardi Gras
this year, A Couple of Poor, Polish-Speaking Romanians promises to be
another exciting and memorable production from Focus Theatre, one of
the leading companies on the Sydney independent scene. Check out the

Directed by: Alice Livingstone
Associate Director: Pete Nettell
Set Designer: Gemma-Lark Johnson
Lighting Designer: Teegan Lee
Sound Designer: Michael Huxley
Graphic Designer: Wayne Harris
Photographer: Bob Seary
Production Manager / Stage Manager: Melinda Frank
Produced by: Pete Nettell and Alice Livingstone
Publicist: Ian Phipps / 0419 977 649

Cast: Mairead Berne, John Keightley, Kim Knuckey, Neil Phipps,
Sandy Velini, Cheryl Ward

13th July – 7th August 2010 Tues – Sat 8pm.
$30 Full $22 Concession. ($10 Tues available at the door).


“A funny-nasty ride full of turbocharged wordplay and
handbrake turns. Well worth the trip.”
Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald

“Bursting with potty-mounthed riffs, wild tangents, inventive insults and
satirical intent … [this] fast-paced production makes for a wild ride – 7/10″
Elissa Blake, Sun Herald

“Very left field, a bit disturbing and even more outrageous …
Maslowska’s play is a theatrical, fast paced and entertaining piece.”
David Kary, Sydney Arts Guide

Elissa Blake interviews director Alice Livingstone and cast member Neil Phipps
SMH Metro