FAQ For Hirers

1. How much does it cost to hire?
$1000 per week or 30% of total weekly box office takings, whichever is the greater.

2. What does this really mean?
If 30% of your total box office takings (minus any additional fees) is less than $1000 we will still invoice you for $1000. $1000 per week is the minimum cost of the venue hire.

3. What is the capacity of the theatre?
100 people.

4. What are the dimensions of the theatre?
The stage is 11m across and 5m deep, although this depends on whether
you use flats or play right to the back wall. Please note, there is
only one dressing room. It is fully fitted with lights and mirrors
and can “comfortably” accommodate larger casts.

5. Does the theatre provide technical assistance?
Our Technical Director is available for consultation on your bump-in
and bump-out but the hirer must engage the appropriate crew and
technicians to service the demands of the production. We can assist
in engaging lighting and/or sound operators for you but this would
necessitate an additional cost. Please be aware, it is highly likely
that you will have to pay technical crew, even in a co-op production.

6. Does the theatre provide lights as part of the hire?
Yes. The theatre is equipped to provide a basic lighting rig. You can
contract additional lighting from an outside source if required.

7. How do I declare my interest in staging a season?
In the first instance submit an expression of interest to our General Manager, Jenevieve Chang via jenevieve@newtowntheatre.com.au.

Your expression of interest needs to clearly communicate the artistic intent behind the production, clear staging ideas as well as biographies of key creative personnel. We are interested in projects which show innovation in storytelling, experimentation with collaborative artforms and developing fresh, contemporary voices.

Once submitted, it will usually take 2-4 weeks before you will be notified whether a further meeting will be arranged to discuss your project further.

8. What’s a standard production season?

It depends on the individual production. We have seasons ranging from one week to four to festivals which run for 3 months. Shows can run from Tuesday to Saturday evenings, with extra matinee performances scheduled if you wish.

The Newtown Theatre sometimes negotiates the use of Sunday and Monday nights with special interest groups such as Crash Test Drama. At other times, the venue may be hired out for external events. You will be told when you enquire about booking the space whether Sundays will be available to you during your run.

9. How much is it to hire the foyer for a cabaret or music night?
$200 plus box office fee of $50 per night. But please note, the foyer does not have a mixing desk for the PA. It is not fit out for a band.

10. How is the bar run?
This is totally managed by the Newtown Theatre and does not affect the hirer in any way. There is no % of bar takings for the hirer.

11. Is there rehearsal space available at the theatre?
Negotiable. The theatre may be available for rehearsals during the days ahead of bump in week. Rehearsals ahead of bump-in can only be held under theatre work lights. The rig cannot be used as it is set for the principle hirer of the venue.

Rehearsal costs in-theatre are :
$25 per hour for theatre foyer space only
$45 per hour for foyer and theatre space